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Where to buy UPS Batteries

Well obviously we are going to tell you that right here is the place to buy UPS batteries, and lets be honest, the main reason we've put up this page is so when you search for 'Where to buy UPS Batteries' we get a look in.

Its not really fair though that we write this to generate search engine results without giving something back, so here's a little bit of information about where you can buy batteries and why we think you should buy from us.


Well there are plenty of online and local battery resellers offering a variety of products. For local stores, if you search in Yellow Pages you are sure to turn up some results but you will probably have to filter through the automotive battery suppliers also. Any battery store worth its weight will carry stock of the common SLA batteries that UPS use, but its important to ensure that the batteries are fresh and haven't been sitting on the shelf for a long time.

No doubt the first place many people think about is Battery World, and thats no surprise, Battery World spend a fortune on marketing themselves and they have a lot of stores all across Australia. Courtesy of being a franchise they also have some fairly hefty fees that the franchisee's have to pay to the management company, the unfortunate thing for customers is these fees have to be paid by someone so their batteries can be fairly pricey.

Another option for many is Jaycar. In our eyes Jaycar today is the Dick Smith Electronics of yesteryear, except now that everything is made in China products are always cheap and sometimes nasty. That's not a slight on Jaycar, there just isn't the range of manufacturing countries across all industries these days, but I digress. Like any other battery store it is important to check that the batteries are fresh. Because Jaycar aren't just a battery store but supply a wide range of products, its less likely they are turning over their stock and the batteries could be quite old.

That's enough about where to buy batteries, lets look at why we think you should buy from us


The right product - We're not an electronics store that sells batteries also, or a battery store that happens to sell UPS sized Batteries, we are a UPS Battery store. We know which product suits your original UPS specification, and what other products you can use if you are looking for longer run-time or a cheaper fix.

Fresh product - We know how bad it can be for batteries to sit on the shelf so we are constantly keeping an eye on our stock to ensure we don't order too much and have it sitting around for months. Its not worth risking our reputation by sending out old batteries that don't hold a charge.

Technical advice - Because we have replaced so many UPS batteries over the years, we can tell you what you need to do and what you can expect when changing the batteries. If you've got a question about replacing UPS batteries we are always ready to help, and don't think you need to buy from us to get advice but of course we prefer it.


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