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Home Frequently Asked Questions Replacing UPS Batteries
Replacing UPS Batteries

Can I put larger batteries in my UPS?

UPS equipment is typically designed to operate for up to 5 minutes at full load, which doesn't sound like a lot of time but in reality that should be plenty of time to save your work and shut down your computer safely. Many people are looking for a longer UPS runtime however and that is what we will discuss here.


How long should my UPS batteries last?

There are a few factors that affect battery lifetime, and most manufacturers say they will last between 3-5 years in use. Here are a few things to consider about UPS battery lifetime.


When should I replace my UPS batteries?

You must replace your UPS batteries when they no longer support connected equipment.

You should replace your UPS batteries once they have reached a certain age or a clear reduction in availble run-time is evident.


Where to buy UPS Batteries

Well obviously we are going to tell you that right here is the place to buy UPS batteries, and lets be honest, the main reason we've put up this page is so when you search for 'Where to buy UPS Batteries' we get a look in.

Its not really fair though that we write this to generate search engine results without giving something back, so here's a little bit of information about where you can buy batteries and why we think you should buy from us.


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Need someone to replace the batteries or install new equipment, we can help with service providers in every capital city

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Short Battery Life?

We can perform a calibration on your UPS battery charger to extend the life of your UPS batteries

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As an APC Select Partner we have access to the full range of APC products at very competitive prices.

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