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Choosing a UPS

What does VA mean?

VA is an abbreviation of the electrical term volt-amps, and indicates a capacity of power.  For example 240 volts x 12.5 amps = 3000VA.  It is used by UPS manufacturers more often than Watts because it makes the UPS sound bigger.


Can I plug a power board into my UPS?

Some manufacturers say you can't, but from a technical / electrical perspective there is absolutely no reason for it.

The reason it is sometimes frowned upon is that having extra outlets could mean that too much is plugged in and the UPS is overloaded, just like if you use a power board on a normal power outlet and overload it.


What size UPS do I need?

In short, you need a UPS that will support whatever you want to connect to it for as long as you would like it to run.

It is always best to allow a little overhead when sizing a UPS, you never know what else you might like to add to your system later on.  The only truly accurate method of determining the amount of power required is to connect a power meter to the equipment you wish to protect. 


What is so special about a True Sinewave UPS?

Normal mains power is in the form of an Alternating Current (AC) Sinusoidal (sine) Waveform.  The 'Sinewave' is a smooth constantly varying voltage that forms the basis of modern power distribution systems.


How efficient is a UPS?

A UPS is most efficient when it is 100% loaded, this is not an ideal condition in reality as it doesn't allow any overhead for increases in load.  Depending on the type of UPS the full-load efficiency is normally between 85-95%.


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